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苏丹娜的梦 HD

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《苏丹娜的梦》是伊莎贝尔·埃尔格拉  导演,演员由Miren Arrieta  玛丽·比尔德  Roberto Bessi  Miren Gabilondo  Nausheen Javeed  Debjani Mukherjee  保罗·B·普雷西亚多  Ran..  主演的一部非常完美又经典的欧美动漫片,该剧讲述了:

  Dreamy animated images in detailed henna painting and atmospheric watercolours dominate a young Spanish artist’s moving journey of discovery. In a small bookshop in India, Inés comes across the feminist-utopian science fiction story “Sultana’s Dream.” It is about the terrible revenge on men, the bookseller explains. In the slim volume she wrote in 1905, Rokeya Hossain describes the fantasy realm of Ladyland – a land in which women are self-determined and live in peace, in which they run all government affairs and all forms of education are open to them. And the men? Their place in Ladyland, the bookseller continues, is where they belong: locked up at home.
  Fascinated by the literary “painting” of this place and its inventor, Inés sets out in the footsteps of the writer and teacher Hossain, who championed education and equal rights for Indian girls and women as early as the beginning of the 20th century. The trip takes the Spaniard across contemporary India. Her companions are the dreams of Ladyland – and the utterly different realities of the lives of the women she meets on her journey.

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